With a genius brain like Steve Jobs, an adventurous heart like Johnny Depp, a loving spirit like Elf, and a totally hot bod like Ryan Gosling (no matter what he's doing), Adam inspires me to be a better me – and is always striving to be a better him.

Intelligent. He's way smarter than he'd ever want you to know, but is always looking to learn more. And, although you'll never catch him, he loves to read "how to" manuals about pretty much everything, especially photography. As a result Adam is always trying the newest and best techniques to create photographs that are uniquely inspiring.

Creative. There's always a dream, design, or plan waiting to leap to into reality. And, he enjoys the building process as much as the final outcome. Sometimes it's computer software, a piece of furniture for a shoot, or a completely automated digital photobooth for entertainment, but he is constantly looking for the next big thing to let his creative spirit shine!

Loving. It's one of the things that first attracted me to him (along with his persistence). Regardless of his relationship with you, Adam has a unique way of showing that he loves well which allows you to feel provided for, taken care of, and comfortable.

Hilarious. Living with Adam is like having a supporting role in a Will Ferrell blockbuster. You just watch and laugh at his hilarity, because his humor is always outdoing itself.

I'm exceedingly thankful God has written a love story where Adam is my best friend and prince each and everyday.

Alli has an incredible heart for people. She has an uncanny knack for getting to know people and making them feel comfortable around her. Her huge heart is what makes her an amazing photographer. She has this ability to empathize with everyone and the moment; this allows her to capture emotions many people might overlook. As a fellow photographer I am envious of her emotional talents, as a husband I am thankful to have a wife with such a wonderful heart.

Alli, loves pizza, brownies, and crawfish. She needs no occasion to buy a gift for anyone. She spends much of her time finding ways to make the lives of those around her better.

The best decision I ever made was marrying my best friend. Her huge heart will forever make me a better photographer and a better person.